Agent: Emily Smith, The Agency

I completed my MA in Screenwriting at London College of Communication, UAL with distinction in 2016. I also have an undergraduate degree in History and Literature from the University of Edinburgh and I'm passionate about, and often inspired by, historical subjects.

My original young adult TV series The Book of Watchers is in development with Blonde Mamba and my original historical TV drama Keeper of the Pleas is in development with Juliet Parker.

I recently took part in the Alien8ed writers room, showrun by Simon J Ashford, produced by Bandit TV and funded by the BFI. 

I'm currently a 2019 Graduate Artist in Residence at London College of Communication, where I'm exploring storytelling for Virtual Reality (VR). I'm also an LCC 2020 mentor.

I have also been selected for the upcoming 2020 CanneSeries Institute Residency where I will develop an original TV series alongside the Canal+ Creative Ecosystem. 

My original TV pilot The Pirate Wife set in the 1800’s South China Seas was a Final Draft Big Break Top 10 Finalist 2019, and made the Top 21 long list for the C21 Drama Series Competition 2019. 

"The creative process is a joy when working with Lara because of her collaborative, insightful instincts for great stories and rounded characters. She has a strong work ethic and is a natural story teller. She loves to weave series narrative and has a true natural ear for dialogue as well as a vivid visual imagination."

Yvonne Grace, Development Producer




Artist in residence - London College of Communication

I developed a Virtual Reality experience, Fractus, with my frequent creative collaborator, Simon Ashbery, as part of a residency with London College of Communication, UAL.


Bandit TV

I spent one week in the Alien8ed development writers room as a contributing writer, show-run by Simon J Ashford, produced by Phillippa Giles and funded by the BFI.

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