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Tilt Brush

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

As usual I’m late to the party with this kind of thing, but I’ve totally fallen in love with Tilt Brush. It’s a VR programme which lets you paint in 3D space. It’s really just great fun to use – and very easy to lose several hours of time playing with different paintbrush effects.

Anyway, I had a go trying to “storyboard” a scene for Fractus – basically, I’ve written a scene where space sprites land in a bowl of Melody’s (your) food and eat it!

So here’s my first ever Tilt Brush attempt:

And then, because I couldn’t resist…I also just had a go at trying something a bit more complicated:

It’s really fun to learn another new skill through this residency. I hope I can keep finding time to practice painting in Tilt Brush.

Of course, there are some amazing artists who are a huge inspiration. Check out Rosie Summers who is a live Tilt Brush Artist – seriously her stuff is insanely good, also, Anna Zhilyaeva.

Also have a look on Google Poly as it’s really great to see what amazing art people are producing using this programme!

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