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Storyboarding and storytelling

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

People often ask Simon and I how we manage being a husband and wife team. It’s true that there are obviously additional challenges mixing such personal and professional relationships, but on days like today it just makes me really appreciate how well we work together.

As a screenwriter, I am very rarely given the opportunity to be part of any storyboarding work. So it was great fun to take my rough script which I’d mocked up on Twine, and then work with Simon to translate that to visuals. It was incredibly helpful for me, as we were able to discuss why the script wouldn’t work in places and where it would. How visuals could underline certain pieces of info, and how to use colour to produce emotions. Also it really showed me how little dialogue is needed. Obviously, this is a screenwriter’s first commandment (show, don’t tell), but I still tend to overwrite things.

Simon has a background in animation, and has worked for games studios and so it’s always a pleasure to work with him – even though we have different skills and experiences – we have a shared language for visual storytelling, and that really is a great strength in this partnership.

#Animation #Storyboarding #VR

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