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Pivot(al) Conversations Part 3

Yesterday Simon and I met with Ana Tudor who is the Head of MA VR. It was a really brilliantly helpful meeting, and another one of those important conversations which once again made us rethink the direction we’ve been exploring.

We showed Ana the visuals through this video capture:

And also some of the very rough story development on Twine (this link must be copy & pasted to work): file:///Users/larabarbier/Dropbox/Fractus/Story/Scripts/A.L.I.A.S_draft1.html

Her biggest piece of feedback was that although she liked exploring the concept of A.I by using live actors, this isn’t something that UAL could do in an exhibition space, and that it would be difficult for us to produce in the way we wanted to. She recommended we refocus back on the Fractals and use a voice over to tell the story.

My big take away from this is that I think I’m very interested in location-based VR, and the inter-play between actors and VR technology and that this is something I should continue to explore, but that it’s not possible for this project!

For Simon, I think his concern now is that we’re running low on time and we are going into a third story phase.

My gut feeling is that we possibly don’t need a narrative for this project – at least not in a traditional sense. The fractals are interesting in themselves. I wonder how it might be if we just allow our users to manipulate them along with some very lovely ambient sound. Do we need voices?

However, Simon does really want this narrative element, and it’s been one of the major challenges in our project to find it.

So…it’s my job now is to come up with a story that uses the fractals, still explores our relationship to AI in an interesting way and offers a different interaction other than speaking. Back to the drawing board…

#AI #LCC #Storytelling #VR

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