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Panic stations

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

I’ve been pretty quiet on the old Fractus blog posts recently as a) it’s been Christmas and b) I’ve had a pretty spectacular run of flu for three weeks and c) we’re just deep in production, which is more Simon manically coding.

So here is the update as of this evening – Simon has decided that the framework software he’s been using to build our entire project in, just isn’t producing good enough quality imagery. I’ll let Simon write a long technical blog post about this at some point.

The real question is: what does this mean for us, considering we have our showcase in 5 weeks? 

Here’s the good news – Simon has found a new software which seems to be producing much, much better imagery. We’ve tested some of our work in it, and the quality is significantly noticeable.

The bad news – he needs to see just how much of his existing code he can port across and how much needs to be rebuilt. Because only then will we know if this is actually feasible in such a short time-frame.

Everything feels pretty nail-bitingly down to the wire. It also feels like we’ve been wading through treacle for the last two months on this. I know this feeling from writing. It’s when you’re in the belly of the beast and you can’t see an end in sight.

My experience has taught me that all you can do is keep going forwards because you will make it to the other side. So that’s what we’ve got to do. Keep pushing forward and believe in this project, this process and try not to panic!!!

#coding #ProjectManagement #VRdevelopment

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