Panic stations

I’ve been pretty quiet on the old Fractus blog posts recently as a) it’s been Christmas and b) I’ve had a pretty spectacular run of flu for three weeks and c) we’re just deep in production, which is more Simon manically coding. So here is the update as of this evening – Simon has decided that the framework software he’s been using to build our entire project in, just isn’t producing good enough quality imagery. I’ll let Simon write a long technical blog post about this at som

A picture is worth a thousand words

My creative collaborator, Simon Ashbery, has been very busy the last month getting to grips with creating fractals. It’s probably best to just let the images speak for themselves: This is fun if somewhat unsettling #gamedev #indiedev #unity3D — Ash (@Si_Ashbery) July 4, 2019 3 months ago I heavily doubted I'd have any success getting a ray marched mandel box working in Unity. I'm happy to be wrong! #gamedev #IndieDev #unity3d #fractal #generativeart