Fantastic resources and where to find them

Over the last few weeks I’ve been lucky enough to attend some events and have some meetings with some pretty big movers and shakers in the VR world.  These VR industry leaders – who really are at the top of the crest of this wave – are still very much accessible compared to TV or Film because this is still such a new medium. For this, I’m profoundly grateful, as their insight and experience is invaluable for both Simon and myself as we develop Fractus. Eddie Redmayne capturin

History of the World, Part 2

In 1981 the legendary Mel Brooks released a comedy film called The History of the World, Part I. For those of you who haven’t seen it (seriously stop reading this post and go watch it!) – the film is an irreverent take on the course of human events through history and covers the Stone Age, the Old Testament, the Roman Empire, the Spanish Inquisition and the French Revolution. As I struggle to draw boundaries around my research for Fractus I find myself musing how and why Mel

Rooms by Enda Walsh

So here I am, splashing around in the shallows of our R&D phase of Fractus. My gut feeling is that storytelling in VR has a lot to learn from/draw inspiration from theatre – and particularly immersive theatre. So when I heard about an immersive theatre experience at the Barbican I immediately jumped at the chance to go along and see what could be learned. Rooms by Enda Walsh is described: “As one of an audience of six, you are invited to step inside meticulously designed and